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Friday, November 11, 2011

Hurry before it crashes again...

OK, so either my internet connection is bad or Blogspot doesn't like me today or something. It keeps kicking me out of here. Every other site I go to works, but this one.

So....really quickly like.

Tonight I have to write up a blog to post for tomorrow, really early, because on the morrow "we" (meaning Ellen, myself and MIL and SIL) are going down to Branson to catch Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede. Hubby got us the tickets! They were the discount kind. That is why we got them. But we are looking forward to this as it will be the Christmas show, with real, live camels and sheep and whatnot. Ellen is, of course, all agog.

We are all packing plastic forks and knives in our purses because they serve you a 4 course meal, but no dinnerware. Because supposedly that's the way real cowboys used to eat. Hmmmm...

The menu (according to the flyer): tender whole rotisserie chicken, hickory smoked barbecue pork loin, butter corn on the cob, their own creamy vegetable soup, herb-basted potato, hot home-made biscuit, Dixie's very own specialty dessert, unlimited Pepsi, tea or coffee.

This should be an adventure.

Hubby says that Ellen and I can share on plate and bring the other whole plate back to him. Heh! Well, I agree, it will save me the bother of cooking on Sunday.


Have a great weekend. I certainly plan on it.


jel said...

What your not going huntiing in the morning? :)

have a good time and a safe one!

Calfkeeper said... we aren't much into the hunting scene. hahaha How about you?

jel said...

I got my deer about 20 so year ago

so I'm good :)