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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Winter's coming...

Flocks of geese are honking their way south. If you live down south you will soon be seeing them; hanging out in the golf courses and ball parks.

So far we have missed out on super cold weather and snow. It has been down in the 20s one night, but that's it so far. We haven't had to worry about getting in too much wood so far. But it's coming.

I don't look forward to winter, but I AM glad the bugs are gone for awhile. This past summer I have had 2 grasshoppers up my pants leg, a spider down my shirt and a walking stick on the back of my head. ICK!

I can do without bugs.


Ellen wanted to do some blogging too. Here's her contribution:

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Ellen says she's forgotten what she blogged about but that it's not very good at all.

But please notice she attempted to stick with the dairy theme; check out her last word. haha...

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jel said...

she growing up to fast,

if felt like winter today, even got a few snow flakes . :)