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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lo Hicimos!

YAY! NaBloPoMo 2011! We did it! I DID IT! Ha Ha!!!

If you have children who watch Dora the Explorer, you will recognize the above title as a phrase she sings at the end of each show. After they have completed their mission the characters all dance around and sing "We did it! We did it! Lo hicimos!"

This time it went by faster and easier than last year. Maybe I am just getting better at it.


In dairy news.

On Monday, as I blogged, we got rid of one bull. Now we need to get rid of the other AND find 2 new young bulls. Hubby called one Holstein bull breeder, but he didn't have any at the moment.


Tomorrow we are going to take about 7 of our "extra" young, open heifers down to the Norwood Special Cow Auction. I think this is located somewhere past Mansfield. Hubby will drive the truck and trailer. Ellen and I will ride in the "chase car" in case hubby has a breakdown. We always carry our walkie talkies with us.

Yesterday Ellen and I made some sugar cookies. This is the first time in my adult life I can remember making sugar cookies. They turned out pretty well. Today we decorated them.

Today I also made the layers for a checkerboard cake. I am going to put it together on Saturday morning, I think, for our church dinner on Sunday afternoon.


Well, I shall try to keep blogging regularly. We shall see.

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

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