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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Stray Goats...etc

This past summer and fall were good for strays.

At one point we had that stray black cow and calf; I think I blogged about them at the time. They were with us a week before we got them caught and back to their owner.

Here a month ago we had TWO stray cats show up. This is not uncommon for here on the dairy. We don't have any dogs, just Matilda the cat, and we have lots of hay sheds and barns and various outbuildings. But this one little stray; a black cat with a few white patches on his belly and throat, has adopted us for good. Ellen is enchanted with him; he is her favorite color. Yes, black.

He is a friendly little soul; more like an overgrown kitten. We are calling him "Boo" and treat him like one of the family. He needs his shots; which will happen maybe next week. I have been putting it off because putting money on the counter for him will make him OURS and not a stray. I personally could do without him. So could Matilda. But they are getting used to each other. And Ellen would pine without her Boo-cat.

To top it all off we also have a stray goat in the neighborhood. A neighbor got a wild hare to get a couple cute little goats when at a farm out of the area. They, our neighbor, did not have adequate fences for goats. Thus the stray. He took up under my mother in law's work shop and spent a month or so grazing her yard and garden area, dropping plenty of ball bearings (as it were) in the process. Hubby finally blocked off access to his hidey hole and he moved across the street to an abandoned lot. He still shows up from time to time. We are hoping someone can catch him before deep winter sets in. We shall see.

That's all for today.

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