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Monday, November 21, 2011

A List of Random Thoughts on Bulls

1) The bull with the dairy herd is starting to get worse as far as temperament is concerned. Nasty, in fact. He won't herd at all. Like, if hubby wants him to get out of the way or to go with the cows, Mr Bull will just stand there, paw, huff and kink his neck. It's super scary. Twice a day I always am on pins and needles when hubby does the round up. He, hubby, is hoping Bull will follow a cow in heat into the corral, then it will be a trip to the sale barn.

2) The bull up the road that I have to feed every morning isn't quite as aggressive yet. I am always super cautious when he comes into the corral while I am dumping their grain, but he always goes to the other side of the feedbunk and starts eating. I skedaddle as soon as I can.

3) I like watching him-the bull up the road-when he is walking to the corral. There is a certain fascination in watching a dangerous animal; the muscles sliding under his skin as he walks, his big head swaying back and forth. He's huge; close to a ton, all muscle and bone and blood. His neck is like a tree trunk. And he just ambles along, but I know when he's fightin' red-hot mad, blood-in-his-eye mad; he can get the lead out and lay tracks.

4) One time we clocked a bull on the other side of the fence chasing the trailer as we drove up the road. (He hated the sound of the trailer and would chase it-most bulls do and would) He ran 20+ MPH for a couple hundred yards I believe.

5) "They" (they being the professionals)say that dairy bulls are so mean because of the way they are raised; kept by themselves and all. Heh. I dunno about that.

Just a month ago we had a little bull calf who tried to take my knees out. He was only maybe 36 hrs old and we had him in a corral. I went in to give him a bottle for the first time; the little buggar lowered his head, let out a MMMMMAAAAAAHHHHH and went for my knees. Do you know how hard it is to fend off a 90lb or so calf while trying to hold a bottle and get said bottle into its mouth?

You ought to try it sometime. Fun stuff.

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Frau Guten Tag said...

I have always wanted to know why theyre so mean. Ive always wondered if it was something in their feed. Seems almost hormonal to me, but I truly have no clue.