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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Give them an inch...

We had a great time at the Dixie Stampede yesterday. The show was spectacular, the horses were lovely, the food was really good. It was interesting eating a 4-course meal without utensils, but it worked out pretty well. Along toward the end they give you a hot wet heavy-duty paper towel.

What boggled my mind though was the fact that the place seated 1,100, they do 4 shows on Saturdays and EVERY seat is filled...every time. That is FOUR THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED chickens, biscuits, corn on the cob, apple pastries...ect, every Saturday! FOUR THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED! I told hubby next time I'd like a pass to go backstage and see the kitchens.


In other news; it was opening day for gun deer season yesterday. As usual the buck madness ensued. Our neighbors, several of them who have property of their own, mind, have pestered to hunt over on our property. During bow season here a couple of weeks ago they wanted to set up a blind on the place across the road, down near the river. We let them. Then suddenly that wasn't good enough for them, they wanted to hunt in our field over near the west pasture. We let them for bow season but told them that our renter hunted over there during gun season.

Hubby had told our renter that he could go and hunt back behind the house there and even offered him a hunting lease, if he wanted.

So now, suddenly the renter has 3 or 4 buddies over there. Yesterday they got 3 deer and come over and asked if they could DRIVE back down over our place to get back behind there to get the deer out of the creek bottoms.

What?! That isn't back behind the house, that's way back off down the creek bottoms.

I said; well, the renter knows what we meant, but the other guys probably just took over. Still, hubby gets so aggravated with folks when they get carried away with this buck fever.

Last year someone had driven down into our section of the creek bed and butchered a deer down there...left the carcass even. We figure it was one of the Mennonites that our other neighbor lets hunt down on his property. They drive their truck down to his section of the creek...and that time they just kept going I guess.

On the flip side of the coin, our pastor is praying that he has a good deer season. He's a taxidermist and these 9 days or so of deer season determines the rest of his year financially; if people get good bucks and want them mounted or not. So I am praying he has a good year.

That's all..just my annual hunting season rant.

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