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Monday, November 28, 2011



In the roughly local area, there are three sale barns; one in Urbana on Mondays, one in Lebanon on Thursdays and one in Buffalo on Saturdays.

So, we had kind of a Russian Roulette for Mr Bull, to see if he'd actually come into the corral with the milking herd on one of those particular days of the week, AND if hubby had the time on THAT particular sale barn day to take him.

Today was IT! He came into corral by accident...too long of a story to relate. However, even in the trailer he was posturing and trying to act tough.

So we went to Urbana today.

We can tell Ellen is a true country girl. She wanted to go in and watch the sale in progress. She sat there and observed intently; and then waved her little arms around like she was buying or selling. Fortunately they were patient with little ones, so they didn't make us buy any of the beef stuff she must have bid on. ha ha.

Someday I'd really like to be there when they bring in one of our bulls to sell. But they only sell the dairy stuff last (after all the beef stuff) and they save the dairy bulls for the last of the last, I believe. We couldn't stay that late. But they did auction off this fairly large Brahma bull. He made up for it. He sure put the attendants into their little protected corners in a hurry. He had horns and was shaking his head at them.

They did auction off a couple culled dairy stuff. On the way home we were pondering; going to the sale barn really makes us appreciate how nice-looking our animals are; sleek, fat and sassy.

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