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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ankle Biters

Today was the last day of the home school "pre-school" for Ellen. The first hour I taught my Spanish class. The second hour I went in to help in Ellen's class because the regular teacher was going to be doing a mom's class and demonstrating how to make yogurt.

Never again.


There were 16 kids (Pre-K age) in the second hour. Only THREE of them were girls. The rest of course were terribly rowdy boys. ARGH! They were shoving and whacking and fighting each other.

This is not the norm. Or at least it has never been like that before when I was in there.

It was the longest hour I have spent this week. Usually it goes fast because they will have a craft or something. But today even during the craft time they were cutting up.

After the hour was over I hauled Ellen out of there and skedaddled as fast as I could.

And for the record. This is the last day for this semester, and this is the only day that Ellen didn't howl when I left. I begin to have hopes for Kindergarten. Even though when that subject comes up she howls that she isn't going to go to school.

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