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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Talking about Gag Reflexes

Sometimes...on the rare occasion I ponder about my gag relflexes and wonder why it is that some things can gross me out and others don't. Here on the dairy we deal with different gross things, as one might imagine. I am sure any reader could think some up without even trying. I found that most dairy things don't bother me...but there are others that trip that gag trigger.

As a rule it's not the sight of things that makes my stomach heave, but smells. And sometimes it's just the idea.

Today, for whatever reason, Ellen suddenly announced; "Skunk tastes like chicken."

I ask; "How do you know."

She replied; "I just do. And skunk hair tastes like potatoes."

Me; "Ew. Eating skunk hair would be nasty."

Ellen: "Why?"

Me; "You'd get skunk hair in your teeth."

She had to ask why about that several times and as I was trying to explain it, I just got really queasy. Even writing it down here makes me feel bleck. The thought of skunk hair in my teeth apparently triggers my gag reflex.

I remember when I was expecting there were several smells that would gag me; bananas, peanut butter, cow pee, and mown grass. URK!

I can stand and feed a new bottle calf in the back corral whilst straddling huge chunks of bovine afterbirth and not think a thing of it. But talk about skunk hair in my teeth and that does it!


Frau Guten Tag said...

I can rwlate. As a nurse there are lots of things to gag. But it is funny how some do & some dont & how some is just the thought of it.

Unknown said...

Hahahahaha! Too funny :) Gag reflexes on a farm...That's the story of my life. I get the gag reflexes just even thinking of something gross. Blech!