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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Forty Reflections...well, not quite that many

Sorry for the silence the past couple of days here on the dairy. Things have been busy, as you might have expected. Plus the computer has not been cooperative and the weather has been having fits every time I had a moment to be on line.

So. Here I am. At the moment I am in the process of pickling beets. Our beet crop didn't do so well this year, for which Iam actually eternally thankful. But I will probably get 2 or 3 quarts out of what hubby brought in. I dislike pickling beets because of the mess they make. I am not the most prim and proper of cooks, so by the time I have finished pickling beets it looks as though some large creature met it's fate and was slaughtered in my kitchen. But since I am only going to have one batch, I am not too resentful of them this year.

Day before yesterday I did a batch of sweet cuke pickles. I have enough cucumbers to do another batch of one kind or another, but not today. I will keep them in the fridge until tomorrow and perhaps do one of the simpler recipes.

Yesterday was my birthday. Yes. A full FORTY years have come and gone since I made my earthly appearance. Yesterday I was going to blog on Forty Reflections on being FORTY, but I didn't have the wherewithal to do so. Not to mention trying to think up that many all at once. So maybe I will try to do so over the next few blog posts. Remind me if I mind is going. Maybe it's because I keep getting interrupted by Ellen, who is dragging books from the bedroom in here and wanting me to read them to her. So if I type something about Pooh or Little Miss Muffet, please understand.

Forty Reflections on being FORTY

1. Really it doesn't bother me THAT much. Last night at church I told the teens that what really bothered me was that my brother will turn 50 next month. For some reason having a brother who is 50 bothers me more than having turned 40 myself. Never mind that my husband turned 50 two months ago. That didn't bother me, either. Dunno. The mind plays funny tricks on you.

2. Ten years ago when I turned 30 and was living in a metro area, walking on pavement every day, working in a jail, going to a church of 5,000 and drinking Starbucks coffee almost everyday, I never dreamed ten years in the future I'd end up on a dairy in the Ozarks hosing muck off my rubber boots, scratching chigger bites, checking for ticks and canning my own produce.

3. Having a 17 month old rampaging around the house when you are 40 is a challenge. I don't have the energy I had when I was 30. But maybe that has something to do with much less sleep and getting up at 3:45 AM every day.

4. Gray hair. I started going gray when I was in my mid-20s so this is not too big of a deal either, except for the fact that there is much more of it now. What drives me nuts is that I have more than hubby does, and he is, as stated earlier, 10 years older than I am.

OK. That's 4 reflections. It's a start. Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

You really don't come across as being 40 when you write. I had you pegged for late 20's-early 30's.

Calfkeeper said...

Solomon-ha...thank you: I think! I guess I am just a kid at heart.

Amrita said...

All those pickes, my that 's good. Here v make hot spicey pickles.

Liked your 4 things.

Anonymous said...

40 is only old if you are a tree. Here's to trees! Love and best wishes for 40 more -- at least!