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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Back again.

It has been a busy past few days. Let's see. Thursday afternoon I got one of those rare moments of inspiration to actually do a deep cleaning vacuum job. (Not that I DON'T vacuum, it's just rare for me to be inspired to do so.) I had no sooner began than I was scared out of my wits by my husband coming in behind me. As per usual; when I get inspired to do something, something else always come up to interrupt it. A cow up the road needed help calving. So I was called on to act as nurse. I will spare the details; but the short of it is that the calf was in the wrong position and was dead when hubby finally got it out. The cow is doing OK though. I always hate it when that happens; it's depressing.

Friday I went shopping then came home and did another batch of those garlic dill pickles. I sure hope they turn out. They smelled so good, I will cry if they are icky when I try them in a few weeks.

Sat we did an all day trip to Marshfield to get a couple of things hubby needed.

More reflections:

5. I care so much less about what people think about me. I wish I had learned that about 25 years ago.

6. I try and say what I think needs to be said instead of keeping quiet about it.

7. I am working on not putting off until tomorrow what I know needs to be done today. The trouble is finding the time to do it. HA.

8. Much to my surprise I am finding myself becoming fearless in the kitchen, with regards to trying new dishes andto doing new things; like making dill pickles.

9. I find myself having more patience with other peoples' failings now. Maybe that is because I am more aware of my own.

10. It has taken awhile but I have worked at eliminated sarcasm from my conversation and thoughts.

11. I have much less tolerance for those who rely on sarcasm; especially when it is obvious they are using it to try and make themselves feel more important.

12. Kids don't bother me as much as they used to do; obviously that is because I have one of my own now.


Amrita said...

Sorry about the calf. I 'd feel terrible.

The garlic pickles sound good.

I too put off things, i 'm trying to overcome this.

Donna. W said...

Oh, I HATE to lose a calf.

Since I have a dog who sheds like a cat, I am often inspired to vacuum. Even more so since I got my Dyson. Would you believe I now love to vacuum?