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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kids Snacks

Here it is just the middle of July and I am running out of ideas for food blogging. Well, maybe it's because I don't have the time to really sit down and think. Here are the two snacks they have prepared for the kids at Vacation Bible School so far:

Monday's snack:

Butterfly Cupcakes

Down the center of a cupcake place a section of one of those nasty-tasting fruit-flavored licorice-like ropes, on either side of which place a Nutter Butter cookie.

Tuesday's snack:

Friendly Fig Bars

On a fig newton, or strawberry newton, or whatever flavor you might prefer; using vanilla frosting attach two mini marshmallows upended on one end, then place an M&M candy on top of each marshmallow-these are the eyes. Under the eyes place half of a gummy LifeSaver candy. Tah-dah! A smiling friendly fig bar! Each child got two of these and there were 51 kids. It was quite the production line assembling these.

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moe said...

You could some food instructions for us that are more like food experiments or confessions than recipes.(Like.... if you mix ground coffee -not brewed, just the fresh grinds- into vanilla ice cream and then eat it, it makes an interesting gritty version of coffee ice cream that tastes good but sticks unattractively in your teeth!) Cmon. You know you do something weird like that sometimes. Tell us.