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Saturday, July 12, 2008

NaBloPoMo is blown...

I missed yesterday...but I will persevere throughout the rest of the month. I had two trips into town yesterday, plus a batch of sweet pickles. This picture is another one taken while I was in Malaysia. I felt it was an appropriate pic to share on a sweltering 90 degree day.

This is starting to degenerate into a pickle/cucumber blog instead of a dairy blog, but stick with me. Cuke season will be over with eventually.

Yesterday I tried a new pickle recipe. This time another recipe I got from an Amish cookbook. (My in-laws like to travel to Amish country and pick up copies of their cookbooks.) This particular recipe is called Garlic Dill Pickles and was relatively easy to do, however you have to keep in mind that I had to use artistic license with some of these recipes because I think the authors or cooks who submit them assume you know what they are talking about. For instance in this particular recipe it doesn't tell you the amount of cukes to slice; it just says to soak sliced cukes in salt water for an hour. I just guessed and sliced up a gallon of them.
Here is the recipe:
Garlic Dill Pickles
3 cups sugar
2 cups water
2 cups vinegar
2 Tablespoons salt
3-4 garlic buds per each quart
2 heads of dill per each quart
Soak sliced cukes in salt water one hour. (This didn't say what the ratio of salt to water was, I made it one cup salt per one gallon water and did only one rinse on pickles may be salty as all get out...we will find out in a month or two when I actually try them. HA!)
Bring to a boil: water, vinegar and salt. Add sliced pickles and stir until they change color, then ladle into hot jars (one gallon of sliced cukes makes 3 quarts of pickles). Put flats on jars temporarily to keep warm. Add the sugar to the vinegar mixture and bring to a good boil. Pour boiling mix over the cukes in the jars. Turn rings on tight and set jars upside down to seal. Do not cold pack. Makes crispy pickles. (This also didn't say when to add the garlic and dill, I just put them in the jars before I added the cukes, and then made sure to shake the cukes down really well before I capped them.)


moe said...

Heh heh. "This is starting to degenerate into a pickle/cucumber blog" is a line I might use in social situations from now on.

Calfkeeper said...

moe-I would like to be there when you do...