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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Food for thought...ducks and monkeys

Lately I have been thinking about ducks. Not as food though. I have tried duck before; some duck hunter brought our family one of his ducks way back when I was a kid. I still remember biting into the birdshot and how oily/greasy the meat was. URGH! Just not my thing. Maybe if it was fixed better I might like it.

What got me thinking about ducks is the fact that they seem to play such a major role in babies lives; cute little duckies are everywhere, seemingly, when you go looking at baby things. They also feature in songs. A couple of weeks ago I got one of those little CD song books for the baby, with different animal songs in it. Two of the songs feature ducks. For some reason one of them just quacked me up, it is sung to the tune of Star and Stripes Forever and starts off "Be kind to your webfooted friends, for a duck may be somebody's mother..." Listen to it at this site:

Monkeys are also prominent in kiddy lyrics; chasing weasels and jumping on beds. Why? Why ducks and monkeys so much? Dunno.

And some kiddy poetry is gruesome; blind mice getting their tails chopped off, Jack breaking his crown, Humpty Dumpty breaking himself apart, Jack jumping over a candle and burning his toe (Jack seemed prone to injuring himself, didn't he?) among others. I told hubby I probably could write stuff just as good as all that. Maybe I ought to try.


TheMama said...

Go for it! You never know!

And if I may reccommend:

There are a ton of books on writing kid's books that have good details on hwat publishers are looking for, and ideas to get you started. A little wander through the writing section of Barnes and Noble or the library will give you a ton of places to start. The "For Dummies," "For Idiots," and "Everything" lines are actually a great resource too.

Also and They have some good articles and how to's. Plus if you end up with something you want to send out, they both have agent and publisher listings.

Anonymous said...

DO IT! DO IT! How about a story with a monkey AND a duck?