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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hey, Grandpa...what's for supper?

Hubby says I ought to blog about what we had for supper last night. So I will. I baked some chicken breasts; just sprinkled a bit of onion soup mix over them and chucked them in the oven 'til done. It's a quick meat dish when you don't want to fuss.

Then I tried something new; a wax bean soup. It's easy and turned out pretty good. I will attach the recipe at the bottom. I grew some wax beans this year, unbeknownst to hubby. He seemed to like the soup, but said the wax tasted funny. *sigh* He has a sense of humor that must be endured rather than enjoyed at times.

He's been hauling hay off and on this past week, so yesterday he comes in with some tomatoes and green peppers the hay guy had given him. I sliced them up. We also had sliced cukes and onions (also homegrown) in salt/vinegar water, which is how hubby likes them served. Oh, and at the last minute hubby brought in some corn on the cob he'd just picked from his mom's garden. Hubby was pleased that the only things we had that weren't homegrown were the chicken and the bread and margarine. And seasonings of course.

Here's the wax bean recipe:

Wax Bean Soup

Green beans can be used in this recipe but yellow wax beans make a more attractive soup. It makes a wonderfully creamy soup.

½ lb fresh yellow wax beans cut into 1-inch pieces
1 tablespoon flour
1 small onion chopped
1 egg beaten
1 Cup whole milk or half+ half
Salt and white pepper to taste

Cook beans, salt and onion till tender in water to cover. Do not drain. Beans and water will be the base for the soup
In another pot bring milk just to a boil (scalding). Turn heat off and cool while you are cooking beans.
Beat into the milk, the flour and egg mixture.
Carefully add milk mixture to the bean mixture off the heat so as not to curdle. Soup will thicken.

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