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Saturday, November 3, 2007

What happened last weekend

Last weekend we had a couple of escapes. Those are always fun to deal with.

Early last Saturday morning I went up the road to do my feeding. To feed the heifers and bull I go part way up my husband's granddad's driveway (which is about 1/4 mile long) and go into the corral through a gap we cut in the fence. So I head up there and what do I see but a cow standing in the middle of the driveway. She was one of the newer heifers to come fresh about a month ago. I walked up to her and petted her. She was just puzzled as to where the rest of the herd had gone. Husband sends them up that way at night. Somehow this one just managed to get through a gate that had come down in some way. It was kind of strange that she was the only one to get out. But you never know when it might happen. They have a tendency to rub their chins or heads on the gate latches and open them by accident. Anyway, I had to go tell hubby; we came back down later and kind of herded her back in a different gate.

On this past Monday I was in the middle of doing clean up in the barn when I took the nasty water from the overflow tank outside to toss. I looked up and saw this weird black and white dog running across the front yard up by the highway. It was one of those split second things where you think about a dozen things all at once: "weird dog...kind of big...might be dangerous if it decided to chase calves...better go chase it off...oh, wait...husband is behind it on 4-wheeler, already chasing's coming this way....WAIT...IT'S A CALF, NOT a dog! HA!!

Yep, husband had been moving calves from one pen to another and one got away from him. She led him a merry chase on the 4-wheeler until she ran straight into a fence, he leaped off 4-wheeler and tackled her. I brought him the rope. She was fine...the fence now has a dent in it...the wires are all bent in. Ha!

You never know what to expect.

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jel said...

sounds like ya are having some fun! :)

C ya in the morning!