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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hay for Winter

Here is a picture of about half of our 2007/2008 winter hay supply. It is hard to believe that the girls go through so much hay. In a picture you can't really get the overwhelming sense of how MUCH hay is here, and how tall it is. But over on the left edge you can see a piece of our goose-neck stock trailer and truck.
Anyway, this particular hay shed is a pussy cat's dream retreat. Any stray cat in the neighborhood shows up here eventually; much to Matilda's ire. She is intolerant of any other feline trespassers. But I will have to tell Matilda's story in a different post.
This hay stack also attracts all kinds of varmints; you can see at the bottom the little triangular holes between bales. These make great dens for skunks and 'possums.
(BTW-I was tagged by Michelle at NaBloPoMo, but since I don't really have that many friends who I'd feel comfortable tagging there, I will just give you a link to her site, which is really cool; she does cards and crafting and such.)



Unknown said...

You are so right about how fast the girls can go through hay! We've got round bales too. Do you do only round bales or some square too?

LOL...enough shop talk. Hope you have a great evening. Bet you guys are getting ready for Thanksgiving! We had ours last month. Canada celebrates Thanksgiving in October.

Robyn said...

I'm blog rolling you! I love that you guys have a dairy and are trying to make a go of it. I will be checking up on you daily!

Found you on NaBloPoMo!

Calfkeeper said...

Thanks for visiting!

C-we use some square bales. Much of it depends on what is available. But this year we have alfalfa in square bales--you can't see them but they are behind the round bales.

chronicler-thanks for blog rolling me. I dunno even how to make one. Eventually maybe. : ) Keep checking in...I'm not very trenchant but I try to be amusing from time to time.


Unknown said...

Is it okay if I link you to my blog? Hubby would love to read you blog. He was interested when I said I stumbled upon another farming couple on the Net! LOL! We have a cow/calf operation and not a dairy though. Hubby did chores on a dairy when he was in college. I'm from the city, so I didn't realize just how much work it is to have a farm! I love it though :)

Calfkeeper said...


Yes, of me, link me. Agricultural folks have to stick together! : )