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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Odds and Ends

Well, I have had quite a few things I wanted to post this week, but not much time. Here is a start to it.

On Monday I took a walk down to the river. I met a couple of box turtles out for a last stroll before winter themselves. Here is one of them. The other was shy.

I hadn't been down there since before the ice storm last January and was overjoyed to find my favorite sycamore tree was spared. The picture doesn't do it any justice; it's huge.


Anonymous said...

have a great weeekend


moe said...

I like the photos: the tree looks like a Dr Suess tree & the turtle almost comes with touch and sound rustle rustle scrape rustle.

Calfkeeper said...

Thanks Jel...will do!

You have a great week.

Yes, this is one of my favorite's almost magical.