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Monday, November 5, 2007

The Four Seasons and my floor

The other day as I was sweeping for about the 3rd time that day I realized that I can almost always tell what season it is by what I am sweeping up off the floor.

This is fall. I am now sweeping up dead flies. These are the flies that sit out on the back door and porch waiting for us to go in or out so that they can come in and drive us nuts. Husband and I walk around with swatter in hand killing them by the dozens. After husband has been through doing his fly massacre duty I also have to mop after I sweep; he has his special trick of swatting once then swatting again to make sure the fly is dead. When he does his second swat he does this swat-and-drag technique that leaves a cute little red trail on the floor. Ick.

In winter I generally am sweeping hay off the floor; the hay that comes out of husband's pants cuffs. He cuffs his pants before he puts on his boots. After he is through putting out hay he comes in, takes off his boots on the back porch but uncuffs his pants in the kitchen.

In spring I am usually sweeping either mud or grass clippings off the floor, depending on the weather. If it's rainy it's mud, if it's dry we have usually been mowing.

Summer. This can involve mud and grass clippings too, but also various bits of leaves, roots or vines from produce from the garden that I have been dragging in to process.

Year round we both have bits of grain and feed dropping from our clothing. It is funny how you can get feed up your sleeves or in your shoes and not even know it.

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Donna. W said...

We have the Asian Lady Beetles driving us nuts, now that most of the soybeans have been harvested.