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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Barn warmer

With temperatures dipping well down below freezing every night, it gets really cold in the barn. Not even all the hot cow exhaust helps. Here is my husband's solution.
He used to heat the barn with an old cast iron stove that took two of us much trouble to move in and out of the barn. It had lots of moving parts to take off and put back on and it was super heavy. We had to be really careful moving it because I guess cast iron is so brittle. So last year husband made this.
He used to drive the bus for the local school system and at the bus barn they would have old bus wheels he'd buy really cheap. He took three of those, welded them together and then concocted round ends, a door, handle, draft...etc from scrap steel he has around. You can't see it really well in the picture but the little draft is a round piece of steel welded onto a nut on a large bolt. The whole shebang works really well. It is much, much easier to move in and out. He does it by himself using a dolly.
I thought it was pretty ingenious.


jel said...

he is one smart cookie! :)

oh what give ya the idea that I want it to snow ? :)

Unknown said...

Smart man, your Hubby!

It just started snowing today! It's so pretty! Why am I so excited about snow? I have no idea. I may be less enthusiastic in a few days! LOL!

XUP said...
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XUP said...

Farmers are so clever and resourceful. My dad was the same. He could create anything from anything. There are so few men around anymore that are handy that way. I wonder why.

Anonymous said...

A real beauty.