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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Hey. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Here is a turkey that was just passing through last spring. Well, we had a flock of them that wandered around the place here. I haven't seen many around here for a few months now. Mostly they like it down in the bottoms I guess.

As pertains to the dairy we love having the wild turkeys come and visit. They like to scratch the cow pies apart to eat the undigested corn and that way the cow pies do a better job of fertilizing. Otherwise they just dry up and kill the grass. Sorry, when you live on a dairy every subject of conversation can turn into something about one kind of cow product or another.

We have a guy who comes out and hunts turkey during hunting season. When he gets one he will usually bring us some. It can be tough, but I season it with tenderizer and then coat it and fry it; instead of chicken fingers I make turkey fingers. It turns out pretty well. I am not much into wild game, but it's OK sometimes I guess.


Anonymous said...

I saw my first live turkey just recently after moving to Massachusetts. They looked quite different than I expected!
Hope you had a lovely thanksgiving.

Calfkeeper said...

I'd never seen a wild turkey before I came here either. They are weird looking critters up close.

Unknown said...

I love the turkey scratching the cow pie blurb! That's great! At our household, conversations always seem to head in that direction somehow! LOL!

Unknown said...

C's Hubby:
You should see the sandhill cranes here. They wait for the cow pies to dry and then flip them to eat the worms from underneath. They're very good at spreading the manure. LOL!

*See? I told you Hubby reads your blog too!*

Calfkeeper said...

Ha. I am glad we aren't the only ones whose conversations steer toward the more visceral things.

Here in MO it's the skunks and 'possums that like to flip over the dry pies.