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Monday, April 21, 2008

V is for...


It's turkey season, so our hunter is back to get his tom or two. He got a deer here this past fall so he brought us some venison sausage this morning. He's a good guy.
We will share this with the rest of the family; it'd take us quite awhile to eat this much. We usually have a few slices on Sunday nights after milking, along with bread straight from the bread machine. The venison sausage is pretty good; it's cut with pork (I believe) to give it some substance. Last year he brought a couple that were cheese and jalapeno flavored. That was really good, but you had to eat it with bread or crackers; eat it straight and it was pretty hot. Hubby liked it though, which surprised me. He really is more of an adventurous eater than I'd thought he'd be.
As far as turkey hunting is concerned our Hunter shouldn't have much problem getting one, really. I hear them gobbling from various locations down in the bottoms every morning during chores. He usually brings us some turkey meat too.


Anonymous said...

"I hear them gobbling from various locations down in the bottoms"

made me giggle like a schoolboy. I am sorry. :D

Venison sausage sounds good. I've never tried venison.

Calfkeeper said...

gg-yes, it does sound funny doesn't it.

Well, I'd send you some sausage, but dunno if it'd survive the trip over there. I think it has to be refrigerated. We keep this frozen until we use it; then we put it in fridge.

Amrita said...

those sausages look so mouth watering. We only get pork and chicken ones, but I can 't afford them

Calfkeeper said...

amrita-well like I told the grateful guy, I'd send you one, but don't think it'd be any good when it got there. Sorry.