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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Dear Everyone...

Today is a nice spring day; sunny, warm but not too hot and just enough breeze to be nice. Church was good today. Hey, the Sheriff and his family were back. They came on Easter Sunday. I was uncharitable enough to remark that it's election year; of course they'd come to church. But maybe that was rude and untrue. Time will tell. Our attendance is up quite a bit overall at any rate and that is good.

Tomorrow we are going to try and plant some things in the garden; onions, radishes and lettuce. Hopefully the heavy rains they are calling for later on in the week will not manifest and wash everything out. Then, of course, when we have storms in spring it generally means high winds and possible funnel clouds. *sigh*

We have a couple of sick calves. One has hoof rot, we think, she is one of the larger calves and has been down for at least a week, closing in on two weeks, I believe. She is on her side now, so it's pretty much a sure thing; calf number 89 is coyote bait. Husband has treated her to no avail. Then just yesterday calf number 84 that had been kind of puny-like for a week or so is down and can't get up. Dunno what is wrong with her. Husband said she looks like she has an infection where she was dehorned; but dunno. He treated her also, but I think she will croak too.

What else is going on? Not much...well, Ellen is fussing, that's the end of my blogging for today.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it great to have Spring back again?

Unknown said...

It's so sad when calves fall ill and lose their will to live. We have lost a few calves this calving season. The odd thing is that only the female calves are alive. The ones that have died have all been male. Hubby suggested that perhaps the females of the species have a stronger will to live. What do you think of that?