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Friday, April 4, 2008

A Busy Couple of Days

Dear Friends,

The past couple of days have been busy and frought with ups and downs.

On Wednesday evenings I teach the teen class at church; a challenge at best, but one I enjoy as you never know what they will say. Three weeks ago a couple of students actually LEARNED something: Jesus had a brother! (And perhaps other siblings.) It was funny to see the lightbulbs go on. This past Wed evening we ended up having a counseling session on a subject that didn't have to do with the lesson I had prepared, which was great as that is what I am there for. But this wasn't any light subject brought up and by the end I was more exhausted than if I had chased errant heifers around all day.

Thursday, yesterday, hubby and I moved 18 heifers to their summer home in a town just NW (I think, I am not too hot with directions) of us. We have a field out there for their spring/summer home. This means hubby will be shuttling feed back and forth to them on his motorcycle and I will only have to do one run up the road to grain the bull and his heifers and the dry cows. Yea!

Today, Friday, was grocery shopping day. UGH! That is always a pain. My least favorite chore.

That is what has been going on here.

Tah for now.

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