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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Still here in Missouri....

No, we didn't get blown away to a different state yesterday; though we came close I guess. They said there was "rotation" in the clouds overhead, but nothing touched down in our area. I guess it was pretty bad in the town that is WEST of us, not east as I said in previous post. About 20 houses were flattened, according to one account we heard, and 4 business were destroyed.

In the bigger town east of us a school bus was turned over; only the driver and an aid were on it. No one was injured. So far we haven't heard of anyone having been killed locally, but that may have changed since last night.

At any rate it was pretty bad, no matter what. We keep finding pieces of vinyl siding and papers and things around the place.

The power went off last night right when I was going to fix supper, so I had raw meat for meatballs sitting around. I put it in the fridge, but cleanup didn't happen for awhile. We had tuna sandwiches.

The power stayed off until after the usual chore time (which is generally 4:30 PM), we were up at MILs having birthday cake; it was hubby's sister's birthday, when the power came on at a bit after 6 PM. We came home and did chores anyway. The cows had been down in the bottoms (thankfully they were on the right side of the creek, which had flooded) and some had come up and were looking quizzically around; wondering when they were going to get their own supper.

So all's well on the dairy.

This is April, and the theme for April NaBloPoMo is "letters" which one may interpret however they wish. I was going to do a series of fictitious letters from some teens visiting a dairy, but I don't have the inspiration to begin now. I can if anyone really wants to read it, but only by popular demand. Ha.

'Til tomorrow.


Unknown said...

Wow! Glad you guys are okay and that your area was not touched. I am always amazed at what Mother Nature can be capable of!

Glad all is good on the dairy!

As for us, our calving season started at the end of March. We had a set of twins born on Friday and a set of twins born on Saturday. This was shocking news. Two sets of twins in two days!?! I had a really bad feeling in my stomach for some reason. It was like it was a bad sign or something. The second set of twins died only hours after being born. A huge group of ravens pecked their eyes out and killed them. Devastating.

Seriously, some days I don't know if I'm hardcore enough to be a farmer's wife! I don't take this part of farming well at all. Those calves are so precious and I hate seeing things like that happen to them.

Anonymous said...

I thank God that you are safe. My Step Bro in Poplar Bluff was flooded out but is safe as well. Blessings and thanks

Calfkeeper said...

C-oh, that's too bad about the calves. I love getting twins. We have had several sets since I have been here, but quite often one or both of them die. I didn't know ravens would do that to newborn calves. Death of your animals is so hard to deal with, and the calves going like that is the worst.

Hope the other twins do well.

Unknown said...

The ravens basically peck the calves' eyes out when they are down and then come back later in a group and finish the calves off. Hubby was upset that he wasn't there when it happened. There wasn't much he could do if they already started pecking at the eyes though. The calves can't see or move...they're basically goners by then. Depressing.