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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Two Week Notice

Here is a copy of the notice I gave to my previous employment before I came to Missouri. Upon leaving a job I have always (with one exception) tried to be creative with my parting words. (Ummm...names have been changed to protect the innocent.)

September 20, 2004

Her kind and gentle grace, the Lady Rebecca; to their estimable and honorable graces; the Lady Hannah and the Lady Leonora:

It is with both great joy and deep sorrow that I take pen in hand and scribe to you these few and final lines; joy for that I stand upon the threshold of a new Adventure awaiting, sorrow that I must now take my leave of this Esteemed Establishment; the County Sheriff’s Office.

I laud the day, the Sixteenth of March, in the year of our Lord Nineteen Hundred and Ninety Eight, when I did stumble upon this most Gainful and Enjoyable Employment, and I am honored to have been able to bask in your Gracious Presences and to have partaken of your Kind Friendship, which has come to mean so much to me these past years. Would that time and chance had sorted themselves differently and I had been able to be longer with you.

Yet, alas, now upon the horizon I behold the mast of the ship that comes to bear me from these Fruitful Shores unto a New and Glorious Adventure in a land far, far away. Verily upon the prow I behold my betrothed beckoning to me.

Therefore I beg leave to depart from your Gracious Presences on the 15th of October of this year that I might prepare for my voyage into my awaiting future.
Always know that a piece of my Soul shall remain here, believe me…

Your Humble Servant; Rebecca


Sita said...

Hi, I clicked on your blog via Amrita's. I enjoyed this. I am sure they will keep this one laminated! It is so nice when someone can leave a place of employment with good feelings. Blessings for a wonderful day.

Amrita said...

Seriously that letter was good.

Ellen looks so cute. We also grew radishes in the winter months. Its too hot to grow them now.

i have an award for you on my blog,please come and get it.

Calfkeeper said...

Sita-thanks for visiting and for the compliments.

amrita-thank you for the lovely award, I collected it immediately!

Anonymous said...

Yea though I miss thee verily, thank you for taking your leave so that I mightest get my old job back!

Anonymous said...

A snide comment: Yes, that job certainly DOES take one's soul, at least a piece of it!

Calfkeeper said...

21094-thou art so welcome. But thou didst abandon it again! bwahahahha

anony-oh come now, it's not THAT bad!

Anonymous said...

Oh brother, I hadn't even thought of it like that. Just call me 14578!