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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Random Photo

Here's a random photo I pulled from my photo files for lack of anything else interesting to post today. It's a shot of the new dump truck engine. For some reason this was really important to hubby that we get a pic of it so he could post it in some of his heavy equipment forums talks. I guess men do these things-those who are into big trucks and stuff. Oh, it was important because he wanted to brag about how clean the engine is...or at least WAS at the time he bought it. "Look bubba, no grease!"
The milk man drools over this truck, says he wants it should hubby ever want to sell it. He has two big semi trucks that he drives to pick up milk and on the main one he has well over one million miles on it! Yikes! He'd turn this truck from a dump truck to a milk tanker.
Sorry, I can't relate. A truck is a truck is a truck; metal and grease and gunk. Ha


moe said...

I can understand taking a photo because it is so CLEAN although I would not have had the urge to do it unless it was explained. (Parse that sentence! eek) My dad thanks you. Do farmers still allow their kids to ride on the back of tractors or is that a thing now considered too unsafe to admit to? It used to be very FUN.

Calfkeeper said...

Weeeeellll-I think hubby will have Ellen riding on the tractor. I certainly remember riding on the back of the tractor when we were growing up as kids. The things we did back then would be outlawed today, I am sure.