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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Snow in April...and a stray saying

Can you believe it?! It was just little flurries this morning, but still it's annoying. Monday the lows are supposed to be well below freezing; so much for fruit from the fruit trees and berries and such. Hubby says that's why he doesn't bother having fruit trees.

I haven't had much time on computer lately, as I have said before, which is why I haven't visited and commented on other blogs or emailed anyone yet.

After yesterday's depressing post here is something funny...well I thought it was funny.

Yesterday morning I went out to do regular chores and saw hubby walking away from the barn; he had shut down the vacuum pump-closing up shop it would appear. I thought I was late, but apparently he was missing 10 cows. He'd had to wait 'til daylight to go find them. Off he took on the 4-wheeler. I went about my regular chores and directly I heard the 4-wheeler coming back, bringing up the rear. The stray cows were trotting ahead of him and it was funny because these staid, sedate animals were having the time of their lives; kicking up their heels, head butting each other and generally carrying on like calves escaped from their pen. They'd never had so much fun, their old udders flopping in the breeze. Husband was fuming because they were putting him off schedule and the milk truck is coming early nowadays. I didn't let him know I laughed.

Here is a saying I forgot to include last time:

"Charge it to the dust and let the rain settle it." To be said when money is owed that can't be payed back. As in local vernacular with a previous saying attached: "Don't think you're ever gonna get money from him; you might as well charge it to the dust and let the rain settle it, he ain't got money enough to buy a setting hen."


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