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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

S B is for...

Shotgun Boogie

Husband has the lyrics for this memorized, it's one of his favorite funny songs to sing. Sometimes to keep sane in the milk barn or doing menial chores around the dairy we sing stupid or funny songs to pass the time. I made a link to the YouTube recording of Tennessee Ernie Ford singing this; I dunno how to link it otherwise. I didn't even watch this whole thing as it takes soooooooooo long for this computer to download any video.

This is the type of music that was quite popular around in this area back in the day, and it is still popular with many people. There is a discussion on gun control on this particular clip on YouTube, but you have to understand that hunting was a way of survival for many years here in the Ozarks, and to this day many people still depend on it. Due to conservation control there are so many whitetail deer around here that they keep extending hunting season for them in fall. There are doe seasons now too. Many people who hunt donate their deer meat to various organizations who dole it out to needy people. When you are hungry deer meat is quite welcome. Rabbit and squirrel are still popular dinner items here too. You have to get them when they are in season as well.

Anyway; here are the lyrics:

Shotgun Boogie

There it stands in the corner with the barrel so straight
I looked out the window and over the gate
The big, fat rabbits are a-jumpin' in the grass
Wait'll they hear my old shotgun blast;
Shotgun Boogie,
I done saw your tracks
Look out Mr. Rabbit when I cock my hammer back.

Well, over on the ridge is a scaly bark
Hick'ry nuts so big you can see 'em in the dark
The big fat squirrels they scratch and they bite
I'll be on that ridge before daylight;
Shotgun Boogie,
All I need is one shot,
Look out bushy tail, tonight you'll be in the pot.

Well, I met a pretty gal, she was tall and thin
I asked her what she had, she said: "A Fox Four-Ten"
I looked her up and down and said: "Boy, this is love"
So we headed for the brush to shoot a big fat dove;
Shotgun Boogie,
Boy the feathers flew
Look out Mister Dove when she draws a bead on you.

I sat down on a log, took her on my lap
She said, "Wait a minute, bub, you got to see my Pap
He's got a sixteen-gauge choked down like a rifle
He don't like a man that's a-gonna trifle"
Shotgun Boogie,
Draws a bead so fine
Look out big boy; he's loaded all the time.

Well, I called on her Pap like a gentleman oughta
He said: "No brush hunter's gonna get my daughter"
He cocked back the hammer right on the spot
When the gun went off, I outran the shot;
Shotgun Boogie,
I wanted wedding bells
I'll be back little gal, when your pappy runs out of shells