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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Turkey Thursday

This past spring and summer a turkey hen has adopted us. She wanders hither and thither at her own will; through the yard and fields. Once I came across her taking a dust bath in the driveway. And once hubby chased her out of the green bean patch. She has become quite tame and lets us get within a couple of yards of her. I actually got a pic of her yesterday but I am having trouble getting it posted. It wasn't a very good shot, so maybe I will try to get another some other day.

Today I defrosted the outside upright freezer. At 90 plus degrees temp outside the ice melted really fast.

Last night we had a thundershower. It was weird how the temp went from 95 to 80 something in less than 45 minutes. But of course that wasn't long lived. It wasn't a bad storm, but the power went off for about 2 hours; right when I needed to wash supper dishes and get ready for church. Oh, well.

My friend from church who had her leg amputated is doing well, so far. They are playing the waiting game to see if it will heal. I tried calling her today but phone was busy. She has lots of well-wishers, I am sure. Plus her family and all.
According to the preacher's wife she will be in the hospital a minimum of 3 weeks and then be transferred to a different wing, rehabilitation I believe. And that's only if this first surgery heals. If it doesn't heal they will have to take more of the leg and start the whole process all over again. So far she is in good spririts and is asking everyone to pray there won't be another operation. She says she may not make the church softball games this summer, but she's determined to play next summer....

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