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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sleepy Saturday

Here is the pic of the turkey hen. I will try and get a better one later.

Today is hot; as usual. Mom didn't get in until after 9 PM last night; had a plane delay in Los Angeles so they had to reschedule her flight from Dallas/Fort Worth. So by time we got the luggage and all we didn't get back here until after 11 PM.

They have a completely new terminal at the Springfield airport. It's at the back of the airport property, so you have to take a different route to get there. You take I-44 to exit 72, turn right on 266 and then take another right onto the originally named "Airport Boulevard," and then straight on to the terminal, taking care to not get lost when you go through the little round-about halfway along. Before you do go there make sure you have your cell phone charged, as there are no public pay phones to be found at this terminal. However, to assuage your frustration over this they DO have a meditation room set up for you.

This morning hubby and I picked the last of the green peas and made Mom shell them with us. No, we didn't MAKE her really, she just volunteered. HA. We got 14 more cups; two of which I saved to cook with the new taters we will get tonight.

Have a good weekend.


moe said...

We need to know the name of that turkey hen!

Calfkeeper said...