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Monday, June 22, 2009

Melting Monday

Yes, as forecast, today is hot and humid again.

This morning I pickled a batch of beets. I went straight from clean up in the milk barn out to the garden and pulled them, then went in and did the boiling, cleaning and canning.

While we were still in the milk barn I told Ellen; "We are going out to the garden and pull beets before we go have breakfast."

"Wellllll," she replied, drawing out the word well like that and pausing to think. "I have to get my boots on." I just laughed. In the mornings I get her up out of bed and just cart her out to the barn in the stroller in her PJs; then put her in her playpen out there. She wasn't going to go work in the garden without her boots.

What a kid.


Unknown said...

HA! She is sooooo cute!

It's crazy hot here too! I had Little One out in the garden with me and out hanging laundry. My poor little 7 month old looked like she was going to melt! LOL!

Unknown said...

P.S. Sorry it's taking me so long to get the banana ketchup mailed to you! LOL! Hubby just opened the one I was going to send you. I have to get you another one. XOXO