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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Onion-y Wednesday

Today I harvested my onions; this is just one of 5-6 bunches I have. Dry onions they call them, though they are nice and juicy when you cut into them. It’s nice having them on hand. Hubby likes to eat them raw. Ellen liked them initially and would crunch down a few slices on her own, but now she leaves them alone on her plate. I don’t eat them unless they are cooked.

We have a pretty big crop of them this year. I am going to do what I started doing a couple of years ago; chop up quite a few of them and freeze them. It’s great to have chopped onion on hand in the freezer for cooking; saves a lot of time, not to mention tears. Ha ha! Cry once and have done with it.

Today hubby baled his hay from the creek bottoms. Fifteen bales, I think he said. Not a great amount, but it certainly helps.

Sad news:

We heard yesterday that my friend from church did have to have an amputation. She was in so much pain, her foot was actually dying, that she was begging them to go ahead and take it off. The doc said he would try it from halfway up the calf, but he might have to go higher. We are praying she will recuperate soon.

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