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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another week gone by...

I can't seem to get out more than one blog post a week lately, it seems.

Things here are hot and humid. We had a series of thunder boomers come through last night starting at about midnight or so. They mostly passed north of us, but still kept me awake. Ellen slept through them thankfully.

Then at about 6:20 AM or so we had one come straight for us while we were out in the barn doing chores. It knocked out the power for a couple of hours. We only had 8 cows left to milk so hubby just let them go. He didn't want to get the generator out for them. Ellen was awake for this one and kept crying; "I want to go home!" every time the lightning would strike really close.

This past Saturday we went down to Silver Dollar City. Ellen did really well. We took her to a Veggie Tales show. It was kind of loud, but she was enchanted by Bob the Tomato, and perked up for the whole show. She talked about him all the way home.

My mom will be here in less than 2 weeks. Right now she has a nasty sinus infection, so I am praying she gets over it before she has to fly out here.

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