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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sticky Sunday


It's really hot and sticky here...and it is supposed to be so all week; in the 90s with a heat index in the 100s. Lovely. It will keep me busy watering. We are praying that it will cool down a bit for when my mother is here. She's not really heat tolerant.

This afternoon I took Ellen down to the creek. When it flooded it created this nice little pebbly beach at one of the crossings down there. We sat on the bank and she threw stones to her little heart's content. Then we went wading for awhile; she loved that.

Just now I gave her some supper. It included a little bowl of yogurt and a sippy cup of water. I do this Sunday evenings to keep her busy while I am on the computer. She was rather quiet for longer than it would usually take for her to eat. So I turned around and watched her. She was dribbling her water into the "oh-grit," actually dunking the drinking spout into the yogurt, then drinking from it. Then she was squishing the bottom of the cup into the bowl. She had yogurt almost up to her elbows. But she was having fun and exploring her little world.

In other news; prayers would be appreciated for one of the ladies at our church. Her 13 yo daughter is in my Wed night class. About a month ago she developed a severe case of colitis; had surgery and was put on medication. She then developed a problem in her left foot. They didn't know what it was or what caused it. Did all kinds of tests; no definite results. She was in such pain she couldn't walk. At first they said it was her meds causing the veins to swell; they changed them, then 2 weeks later said it was tendinitis caused by the colitis. This past Wed night she was at church, said she was better. But on Friday she went to emergency and was taken by helicopter on a life flight to Springfield and had a 4 hour surgery to remove multiple blood clots from her left leg. There were some in her foot that could not be removed surgically. They were injected with nitroglycerin to try and dissolve the clots. If that doesn't work, they will have to amputate; maybe the whole leg. To say that this is all a shock it putting it too mildly. She is only a year older than I am. She was in high school when hubby first started driving the school bus. He remembers taking her to multiple sporting events; she was on basketball and any number of other sports teams, and has been to this day; very active, always playing on the church softball games and such. Like hubby said; you never know when you might get blindsided by something. We are grateful for our good health every day.


jel said...

do I know this person?

is tthe one that cleans the church?

Calfkeeper said...

yep, that's the one.