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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tick-y Tuesday

Well, actually I haven't had any ticks on me yet today. But "Tick-y" sounded better than "pea-y" which is what the actual theme of today is. The ticks have been really bad this year. I hate them. Ticks and chiggers the twin evils of Missouri summers.

Anyway. Today we picked and shelled peas. I got about 15 cups in the freezer. It's quite a bit of work, but that is about 10+ servings of peas that I will not have to buy. I think there's enough left on the vines to get another round of them.

The past couple days hubby has been "in the hay." This is not to be confused with "hitting the hay" as in going to bed or anything along those lines. But he has been out cutting and raking hay. He will probably bale it tomorrow or Thursday. It's a very good thing to have an air conditioner on the tractor.

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