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Saturday, November 28, 2020

 Today, as our after Thanksgiving activity tradition, Ellen and I went Christmas tree hunting.

We were unsuccessful in finding one that we needed.  To avoid allergy issues we try to find a female cedar tree; one that has the berries on it.  The males tend to give off pollen.  You might say I am crazy to believe this; but every year...EVERY FREAKING Y EAR prior to two years ago we have had just any tree and Ellen had had extreme allergy issues in the month of December.  

Two years ago we managed to choose a tree that had berries on it and; wonder of wonders, she didn't have severe winter allergies.  So we found another berry laden bush last year and the same lack of allergies happened.

This year we went looking for the same and were unsuccessful.  So we decided to try our fake tree this year.  I told Ellen that if we did the fake one we could set it up earlier, in early December instead of waiting until in the 20s of December to put up a real one.  She agreed.

But while we were out we stopped by and saw Anne-Shirley.  She is tamer than most of them; she will let us pet her face at least.  

She is starting to spring; meaning she should have a calf in the next 2-3 months.  I am praying she has a decent udder because I don't think we could easily cull her. 

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