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Friday, February 26, 2010

Three years...

Tomorrow Ellen will turn three years old! What happened to all of that time? Where did the infant go? It's amazing how much they change, and how fast it all happens.

I remember driving myself to the hospital to get induced. I remember killing a cat on the highway at 4:30 AM on my way there, and crying the rest of the way to the hospital.

I remember not being given anything to eat but nasty Jell-O for 20-some hours until after she was born.

I remember snitching a granola bar or two from the overnight bag I'd brought.

I remember how the nurse didn't believe I was having contractions very often because the monitor didn't show them, but they were reallly low and concentrated in my back. I also remember this same nurse helping coach me and telling me what to do and how to breathe and all I could think was how I wanted to bash her one...she'd never had a baby before...who did she think she was telling ME what to do?! (haha)

I remember how at one point Ellen's heartrate dropped to 6 on the monitor and how the doc nearly went straight up.

I remember how thankful I was when her rate went back up immediately after.

I remember how Ellen pooped all over the doc when she finally appeared on the scene.

I remember how nervous hubby was when he finally had to hold her. Age 48 and never held a baby before.

I remember how that first week home with Ellen was the longest week of my life. All the new things to remember and do...and so little sleep.

Oh, Ellen...what memories you have brought me already. And you're only/already THREE!


jel said...

it's been 3 years??

just seems like yesterday

tell her happy BDay

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post! Happy Birthday to Ellen!

Frau Guten Tag said...

wow, time really does fly! Yeah, I would definitely recommend pregnant women to pack FOOD in their hospital bag!! I was STARVING & then my sister in law comes to visit & asks for food off of my first actual food tray--says her daughter is REALLY hungry (& I'm thinking how she can go out & buy her daughter anything she wants to eat & I'm stuck in prison with no more food til the next day!). It's amazing how strong those memories are though. And yeah, that first week is such a blur with no sleep & the newness of being a mom, that was totally insane for me!!


Donna. W said...

I remember lots of things about my babies' births, too. Maybe I should do a post about this.