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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lord, please let it last

Ellen's newest thing is helping set and clear the table at meal times. She is so cute about it. I set things down where she can reach them and she arranges them, to her specs, on the table. Sometimes she makes me righthanded and sometimes she makes hubby a lefty.
She has to talk herself through the process..."One spoon for Mama, one spoon for Daddy."

"One fork for Mama, one fork for Daddy."


I am hoping and praying that this phase will last until she is oh, about 20 or more. At least until she decides to move out of the house. My mom does not give that notion a good probability rating. But I can at least hope, can't I?


jel said...


Frau Guten Tag said...

that is so awesome & yeah, enjoy it while you can--it will probably disappear during the teen years but you will be amazed at how much wonderful stuff resurfaces in young adulthood after the teen stretch.