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Monday, February 22, 2010

Preparing for Spring

No, not cleaning, unfortunately.

This past weekend, and today, I planted a bunch of seeds; bell peppers and tomatoes. The peppers are pretty much an experiment. They are really hard to sprout. I will probably have to end up buying plants, but I planted a whole .20 cent pack...probably some 12-18 seeds, in hopes that at least ONE of them will come up.

I have grown hot paprika peppers from seeds from the Czech Republic before, a couple years ago, but didn't have much luck with them last year. Perhaps that was more due to Ellen's having knocked them off the porch than anything the peppers did or didn't do.

At any rate, I counted up that I have planted about 94 tomato seeds, from about 3 different varieties. I got a flat of those peat pot starter kit thingys...whatchamacallums... The lady there at Wal-Mart said they work really well, so I am hoping we will get something out of them.

Last year we had 49 producing tomato plants, so I figure we will do pretty well if even only half of what I have planted survive.

Now we just have to get all the clearing and tilling and suchlike done. This year, hubby strictly forbids me from planting the rows any closer than about 36 inches apart, so he can get the tiller down the rows.

Or better put, so I can get the tiller down the rows.


moe said...

Isnt gardening instead of cleaning "FORTUNATELY" not "unfortunately"? Are you growing any black heirloom tomatoes? They are yummy and actually a weird purplish color.

Frau Guten Tag said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who has a hard time sprouting bell peppers!! I've tried 3 years in a row with NO success. I have good luck with the spicier varieties of peppers though--jalapenos, serranos, etc. But we can only eat a few of those, yet we LOVE bell peppers. And bell peppers contain a lot of pesticide, so we always buy organic ones, which aren't cheap, so we'd rather grow our own when we can. I need to get some plants I guess.......