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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Then what do you do with them...?

Our electric co-op issues a periodical called "Rural Missouri." This latest issue had an article on "Shed Hunting."

This intrigued me.

People actually collect sheds. Go looking for them, take them home. It's perfectly legal, you just have to stay off of private property.

Shed hunting.

SHED hunting?

For reals? Surely not!

How do you hunt a shed? How do you claim them? Do you repo them from their owners? How do you get them home? Where do you keep your shed collection?

And hey! Get this: They train dogs to sniff them out! hahahaha...


No kidding!

Would you pay up to $6,500 for a fully trained shed hunting dog?

I obviously am in the wrong business. I need to start training dogs to hunt sheds.


By the way...

Here is a shed:

Shed antlers. This makes a little more sense. But my original question remains...what do they DO with them?


jel said...

i going to say what I call ya after I read this,

I read the same thing and didn't remember and story like that!

until I read the last of your post

Frau Guten Tag said...


moe said...

What?! How could I store all my camping gear and 2 bicycles I don't ride in THAT?

Just kidding.

They use them to nail them on their other kind of shed. What do I win?