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Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Double-dog Dare you...

Wear a pair of these to work one day. Or church! They'd go great with a mini-skirt!

Now I ask you: WHO would not feel trendy in a pair of shoes like these?

I NEED a pair to wear to church around here. But then again, I am afraid I'd disrupt the whole service, for once in his life the preacher wouldn't be able to talk. Either he'd laugh the whole hour, or he'd be so speechless with astonishment he'd forget his sermon.



Solomon said...

I doubt I could even stand up in the things, let alone wear them, lol.

jel said...

There no way he would be speech less, there would be some one who would want a pair! :)

insideoutput said...

Horse feathers!!!

moe said...

Those are so great I can hardly contain myself. And I am sure they were made from cows who , uh... (wait: I eat meat so what am I worried about?)
Have you ever seen that New Yorker cartoon of a frog coming out of the back (kitchen) doors of a restaraunt, on crutches, with no legs, while waiters stare?

Amrita said...

I think pop stars would would shoes like these.
Or maybe a drag queen

Calfkeeper said...

sol-a bit of practice and you'd be on your way.

jel-well, about preacher, you're probably right!


moe-I think they are supposed to be horse hooves. Yes, I think I have seen that cartoon. ha.

Unknown said...

No way!!! I just got shivers all down my spine from looking at that pic!!! Gah! Would ANYONE wear those?!?! I hope not! Ick.