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Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Good Gardener...

A good gardener knows not to push herself TOO terribly hard.

A good gardener knows that it's OK to get a little behind on her gardening.

Her pleasure and joy comes from watching both the plants AND the weeds grow...especially the grass.

Her motto is:

If you DO get a little behind on your gardening, just even it out by getting a little garden on your behind.

*heh heh heh heh*


Solomon said...

LOL, good one. Ellen looks happy. Are you starting her early?

jel said...

boy, she is growing up!

Unknown said...

Cute post! Oh my goodness! She is growing way too quickly!!!

Happy Mother's Day! XO

Calfkeeper said...

Solomon-thanks. yep, I want to get her to weeding ASAP. It would certainly save my back as she is much shorter.

Jel-Isn't that the truth? I can't keep up with her and her clothes.

C-thank you. Just wait...your little one will soon be walking around too!