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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Has it really been the 21st since I last blogged?


Times does fly, doesn't it?

The past couple of days we had a bit of an annoyance; the computer quit on us. It does that occasionally. The little fans in the back turn, but nothing else happens and the monitor won't come on. The last time it did this we took the tower in and the dude said it was the monitor that was the problem, because when he plugged it in there the computer fired up. And, of course, when we brought it back home and hooked it up again, it worked.

This time I tried it a couple of times. Then I unhooked everything, banged it a couple time and it began working again.

Sister in law asked the computer guys where she works and they said it probably needs cleaned and the connections inside "reseated." So that's what we will do.

So anyway. Things here are all pretty much copacetic. Except it has been really wet and we haven't been able to do much with the garden except watch the weeds grow. We are now enjoying the table stuff; lettuce and radishes. The onions aren't quite ready yet, but they are growing.

This year we turned one of our garden beds into a perennial bed; I planted raspberries in one end and will plant asparagus in the other. And if there is room I might put in some rhubarb.

Oh yes, dairy stuff. This blog is supposed to cover dairy happenings too.

Hubby took 3 culls to market yesterday. He's milking over 40 now and it's taking forever to get them done, so he's culling some.

We've had two new heifers come on line, one had a bull calf, the other had a heifer calf. One of them, the one that had the heifer calf, is a dud; she has a blind quarter and isn't giving much milk out of the other 3. Hmmm... Though we have had some 3-bangers that produce more than some that have all 4 quarters going. But this cow doesn't hold much promise.

On that note, I will stop for now.

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Solomon said...

When you're inside the computer, make sure any dust bunnies are blown out. They insulate and heat buildup will fry a computer faster than anything.

Isn't it nice to be able to eat food you've grown yourself.