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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Various News Items

The past few days have been busy.

On Thursday we had to move our heifer herd from Windyville back here to the farm...well, just up the road from the farm here, so husband can take them hay with the tractor. We have a winter pasture we put them in; they still had plenty of grass in the summer pasture in Windyville, but weatherfolks are predicting possible 6 inches of snow this weekend; it's not fun driving a bale of hay 5 or 7 miles or so every couple of days-especially on icy steep roads.

So we spent a couple of hours driving back and forth transporting 18 beasts to their new winter home. Two of them were bred so we put them back in with the bull and his heifers. The rest went into the winter pasture.

It is funny to watch them react when you put new critters in with an established herd. They get all huffed up and posture and headbutt to establish who will be boss cow-or heifer. They duck their heads, headbutt and go round and round kicking up mud and grass until someone gives in.

On Friday we had a calf die. She'd been draggy for a couple days, but we'd previously treated her and husband says if they're going to die they are going to die and no use to pour expensive drugs down them when they are going to croak anyway and even if they didn't they'd likely not be good milkers. So, #91 is now keeping a tryst with the coyotes down in the bottoms. Alas.

In better news; also on Friday I took Ellen in for her 9 month check-up. Doc says she looks great and we will be fighting off the boys in a few years. Ha. She is 29.4 inches long (90th percentile) and weighs 22.14 pounds (95th percentile). At this point she falls into the catagory of a big and tall baby...ha ha.

Have a great weekend.

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