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Thursday, December 6, 2007

It's been a few days...

Haven't spent much time on the computer lately. Guess I got burnt out after the NaBloPoMo run. But it was fun.

Yesterday we had a little calf rodeo here. Had to wean 3 of them and put 2 more in the bigger pen. While we were catching on of the weaners another one took a flying leap over the dilapidated fence and landed in the muck back by the barn where the cows stand"produce" after they have been milked. Dunno why they don't go back out to the field, but no, they just stand and make a deep swamp of unmentionable things. So anyway, the calf lands smack dab into this green swamp, on her side. Husband and I just stand there watching her flail around and get covered in muck. *sigh* For a minute there we were thinking she was going to be stuck in it, but no, she got up and went trotting triumphantly off with the cows. They, however, wouldn't have anything to do with her. Then somehow, while we were taking another calf to the weaner pen, this first calf gets under the electric fence and takes off running up and down the fence. Really, there isn't too much danger of one escapee getting out and running off; they tend to stick close to the herd, be it a group of other calves or a herd of cows.

So hubby gets the 4-wheeler and chases the calf down. When we catch her, of course, he has to pen her down and get the rope over her head. He got covered in muck doing this and wasn't happy with the calf. Of course she had it all over her head and neck as well, so the rope needed a good scrubbing.

Then last night, when I went to bottle feed them, another calf had gotten out somehow and I had to get her back into the pen. It wasn't hard though because she came looking for me. They know when it's feeding time and they will do pretty much anything to get their bottle. But, of course, in doing that she rubbed all the muck all over me. So I guess husband and I were even.

Really, we need to fix that fence.

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