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Monday, December 10, 2007

It always happens....

Whenever we have a storm of some kind we get a calf.

We are now kind of in the middle of a freezing rain episode. We got some Saturday night, a bit yesterday, some last night and this moring and we are supposed to get more tonight and tomorrow. What is saving us from a great deal of headache is that it warms up above freezing during the day, so much of it melts off and the roads, so far, are clear. This is a VERY good thing because we NEED to milk truck to be able to make it and pick up the milk. If he doesn't we are supposed to dump the milk because he's not supposed to get milk that has been in the tank for more than 2 days. Husband says sometimes they allow it if the weather has been really cold like this, but we have a fairly small tank that only holds a bit over 2 days worth.
Anyway; back to the calf. This morning husband takes hay up the road to the dry cows and finds bull calf. He is back snug and dry under a cedar tree but as soon as husband comes over to inspect calf jumps up and takes off into the freezing rain. We went up to get him later this afternoon and he is looking rather sorry for himself. We put him in a calf house in a pile of hay and hope he will dry off.
In the meantime, I have another batch of sourdough bread in the oven raising. This is with a different starter recipe. I am hoping it works. I shall have to post the actual bread instructions.


Unknown said...

Hubby kind of laughed when I read this post to him. I asked why he was laughing and he said "Because it's true!" about the fact that you said it always happens that whenever there's a storm, you get a calf.

Oh, today I helped Hubby preg check 50 head. Fun. Glad I wasn't the one who had to wear the gloves!

Calfkeeper said...

It's true! I dunno why but that's how they do it. A friend of ours always knows there when there will be some kind of storm because one of his cows (he runs beef cattle) always calves during a storm.