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Sunday, December 30, 2007

How She Really Felt

Much has been said; mostly by my mom, that Ellen never takes a bad picture and that she is such a smiley girl.

Here is proof that it's not always so. Ha!

This was up at her Great Grandpa's place last Sunday. I came home and took the picture I featured below when we got back home.

Her aunt wanted to take pictures of her in her Christmas riggings, so I left her dressed up when went there. Ellen was not impressed. She let us know in no uncertain terms that she wasn't in to a photo shoot at the time.

Maybe it was because there weren't any presents for her under the tree.


Solomon said...

Happy new year!

jel said...

poor baby, I don't like my picture taking that much myself :(

Happy New Year,
party till the cows come home :)

and thanks again!!!!!!!!

Calfkeeper said...

Thank you! Happy New Year to you two too, Solomon Broad and jel.

To be honest I hate my pic being taken too.

You're welcome, jel.

Unknown said...

Awww! Tears and all, she is still so sweet! Happy New Year to all of you! xo