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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Fun

Two or three weeks ago I got spring fever and joined a seed swap club. This is where you send packets of seeds, either store-bought or ones you have saved from your own garden, in along with a wish list of what you might like and you are sent seeds in return. As a new member I received much more than what I sent in.

These are the seeds I sent in:

3 packs of those hot red peppers I grew last year.
2 packs of watermelon seed
1 pack of wax bean seed

In return I received seed packs for the following:
(note picture above)

Orange tomato
Black Prince Tomato
Pink Brandywine Tomato
Marglobe Tomato
Yellow Pear Tomato
Beefsteak Tomato
Red Currant Tomato

Green Salad Lettuce Bowl

Burpless Cucumber
Pickling Cucumber

Ornamental Gourd Mix

Red Burgandy Onion

Choppee Okra

Detroit Dark Red Beet


Blue Goose Pea
Greasy Grit Bean
Mountaineer White Half Runner Bean


WOW! Is that a great return for my postage or what?! You DO have to send return postage of course, but that's pretty cheap considering what you'd have had to pay for all those seed packs in the store. Especially since some of them are heirloom seeds and not available just anywhere; like the Blue Goose Pea nad the beans. I can't wait to try them! I already have some of the tomato seeds planted. I am curious as to what this "Black Prince" will turn out to be.

I also broke down and actually ordered some raspberry plants from a seed company, along with some vine peach seeds. According to the company a "vine peach" can be canned just like a tree peach, but it's a gourd. I like to try new things so I want to give this one a go of it. I will keep you informed.

Yesterday hubby and I got our "table" garden in; onions, lettuce and radishes.

Then today I was cleaning out my flower bed and found what looked like an almond that had sprouted in there. I was bewildered for a bit until I looked around and saw the shell; it was actually one of the peach tree seeds from the peaches that hubby's aunt had given us a couple of years ago. I was so excited. I potted it in a flower pot and put it on the porch. I hope it does grow, though I am not sure where we will plant it.

Such excitement on the dairy!


Anonymous said...

Hey CK!: does your blog email still work? It bounced my e-mail back like..uh..a superball in a BLENDER? I liked the blender analogy in the recent post. If you are ever in a house with MULTIPLE small children you will recognize a certain "mashed down" look in the whole house, sort of like a field which has been used too long by too many cows.....

Amrita said...

would love to try those varieties.

Calfkeeper said...

GC-no, when I get the time I will have to change my blog email. I thought I had done that but I think it hiccupped and redid itself.

Amrita-If I get any to sprout and go to seed this year, I'll mail some to you.