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Monday, March 2, 2009

It's March already! Hubby is counting down the days that he has left to put out hay. It has been quite cold here, way below freezing at night (in the teens) and in the 30s during the day, so no grass is coming up yet. We got a bit of snow on Saturday the 28th, but on that same day early in the morning I heard the first gobbling of the turkeys down in the creek bottoms, so that is a sign of spring to come soon.

Usually it's on toward the end of March that the cows decide they are tired of hay and that it's time to go look for grass in the creek bottoms. They walk over to the gate leading down the hill and look longingly over it. Then they turn around and bawl. It's kind of funny how they remember.

Hubby has been working on a new garden spot for us, plowing and disking it. He's going to fence off a corner of one of the pastures. Preparing a new spot will mean plenty of rock-picking, as soon as the weather warms up a bit. At least this year Ellen will be able to run around a bit and "help" as much as she can. Hubby wants lots more tomatoes this year, to can. I would like to try for more melons, though I can't think of what to do with all of them. But Ellen loves to eat them, so that's a good excuse.

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